team sports

Whether you are playing pickup games at your local park, in a recreational league, or play in highly competitive settings such as collegiate or pro sports, participating if a sport can have many effects.  Every athlete may have their own reasons for playing a sport, whether it is for the enjoyment of competition, camaraderie with teammates, Read More →

photo credit: 9 to 5 Mac

Athletes and sports organizations have been used to pitch products.  Everything from clothing to barbeques, athletes have held influence over consumers.  However, it wasn’t until the introduction of the Chuck Taylor All-Star by Converse that athletic products became a part of the consumer mainstream.  Chuck Taylor helped redesign the shoes to be used for basketball, Read More →

sports agent

Are you interested in getting into the sports industry?  If so, you will be joining many other young professionals and students who are pursuing an education (and hopefully a career) in sports management. The sports industry is a rapidly growing field that is expected to grow by over 145 billion dollars from 2010-2015 alone.  There Read More →