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Whether you are playing pickup games at your local park, in a recreational league, or play in highly competitive settings such as collegiate or pro sports, participating if a sport can have many effects.  Every athlete may have their own reasons for playing a sport, whether it is for the enjoyment of competition, camaraderie with teammates, Read More →

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Athletes and sports organizations have been used to pitch products.  Everything from clothing to barbeques, athletes have held influence over consumers.  However, it wasn’t until the introduction of the Chuck Taylor All-Star by Converse that athletic products became a part of the consumer mainstream.  Chuck Taylor helped redesign the shoes to be used for basketball, Read More →

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Are you interested in getting into the sports industry?  If so, you will be joining many other young professionals and students who are pursuing an education (and hopefully a career) in sports management. The sports industry is a rapidly growing field that is expected to grow by over 145 billion dollars from 2010-2015 alone.  There Read More →

I’m proud of the work I used to do as a physical therapist and love passing along knowledge from that time in my life, as it can be extremely helpful to people. One of the things I recommend to folks with injuries is ultrasound therapy. Most people haven’t ever heard of it before, but it’s Read More →

Having a disability can be hard as society sometimes tends to shun those who are disabled, but at the same time others also admire them. While this may seem like a double standard, it’s different people that feel differently towards the disabled; some may see them as a burden, while others admire their strength and Read More →

Athletes are considered nothing short of celebrities. I have dealt with plenty of them at work and treated many more for various injuries ranging from cuts to concussions to broken bones and torn ligaments. In some cases they require surgery, in other cases, they just need to be treated to make sure that they can Read More →

It may not be me, and it may not be you, but in today’s world there are thrill seekers all around us. Somewhere out there are people who are constantly looking to challenge themselves and push the limits of what is attainable. The result is a new breed of extreme sports that have been created Read More →

In all the years that I've worked as a physical therapist and a sports agent, there is one thing that I've noticed – most athletes have damaged teeth. This is even more true for athletes who play in the big leagues. These athletes really give life to the saying "Fight tooth and nail". Let me Read More →

In a runner’s dream world, every step of every mile is completely pain free. There’s nary an ache, cramp, or broken toenail in sight. Sadly, as a runner, I can tell you that the reality of it is that most of us deal with slight (or not so slight) aches and pains on a pretty Read More →

An urban bike or fixie bike is the most popular type of bicycle among city dwellers. It is pleasant on the eyes, durable, and very easy to operate. You see, fixies do not come with a gear shift. All you need to do is pedal to make it move. This is why it has become Read More →

One common misconception about athletes is that they live the high life. Being an ex-sports agent, I know that this isn't exactly true because I saw how my clients broke their backs at practices to ensure that they are in tip top shape come game night. Of course, sports fans don't really see this because Read More →

The popularity of MMA fighting has sky rocketed immensely. Big names and big numbers are all over this exhilarating sport, both inside and outside of the caged circle. However, when it comes to being a success inside of the cage, there are ways to start out and ensure a lengthy career in the world of Read More →

If you’re a fan of the English Premier League (or if you have a strange obsession with following celebrity hair news), then you will have noticed that Wayne Rooney looks entirely different compared to a few short years ago. The guy started balding even before he burst onto the scene at 16, yet at 28 Read More →

So I recently decided to invest in an elliptical trainer machine to use with some of my physical therapy clients. It’s something I have discussed with other physical therapists as there appears to be mixed views on whether or not these machines are useful as part of sports rehabilitation. I am of the opinion that Read More →